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Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps, Parts, Service and Repair

Poor engine performance, poor mileage and many other poor performance symptoms can often be traced back to failing or clogged fuel injectors. When your engine performance starts to fade, turn to the diesel fuel injection experts at Diesel PowerHouse. Our factory certified technicians use the fuel injection industry's most advanced electronic diagnostic equipment to fully inspect your diesel engine's performance to identify exactly what is wrong, often saving you hours and days of downtime and inconvenience.

At Diesel Powerhouse, we're in the business of helping you keep your diesel engine operating at its peak performance. Our state-of-the-art diesel electronic diagnostic services coupled with an extensive inventory of diesel fuel injection parts and diesel turbo parts make Diesel Powerhouse your one-stop shop for diesel fuel injector repair and service in Jacksonville, Florida.

Certified Parts

Advanced Diagnostics & Performance Tuning

Our pledge to our customers is to accurately diagnose your diesel fuel injection and turbo charger problems then provide realistic, common sense solutions. We stand behind those recommendations with the ability to complete repairs, fully test and certify our work to guarantee your problem has been corrected and stays corrected.

Visit us with your fuel injection or turbo charger questions, problems or just to get some good advice on how to care for your system. We're sure you'll find our team to be helpful, knowledgeable and very interested in helping you!